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We can provide a rental appraisal on your investment property

Take the stress out of managing your investment

Our approach is grounded in good communication. Matching high-quality properties with excellent tenants who will care for your investment as if it were their own. Our role is to take the stress away and give the time, care and attention required to ensure your property is taken care of as if it were our own.


Hassle-free Ownership

Save time and stress with professional property management to take the hassle out of ownership.


Clear Communication

Know exactly where you stand with clear and consistent

Protect your Investment

We will help you find the best tenants to take care of your

Managing your Investment.

Good property management is all about removing the worry and hassle of owning a rental property. It means we’re here to make sure all the boxes are ticked, that you are compliant, and that there is a strong communication channel between us, and with your tenants.


Finding Great Tenants

Reliable, respectful and excited to call your property home.

Property Maintenance

A stitch in time, saves nine. We can make sure regular maintenance is taken care of to protect your investment.

Managing Repairs

Respond quickly to any tenant requests for repair, without having to lift a finger! We’ll manage any repairs, and have a trusted network of suppliers.  


Tenant Communication

Clear and consistent communication is the key to a great relationship.


Regular Property Inspections

Nothing beats being there in person. We’ll perform regular property inspections and report back to you.

Rent Collection

Making sure rent is collected on time is priority one! 

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