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Our Approach to Real Estate is Centered Around Creating Long Term Financial Outcomes for our Clients

After more than a decade in the industry, you’ve seen the good and the bad. We’re passionate about property, and we’ve seen it all, so we believe its time for a revolution in Real Estate. It’s time to to create a new kind of real estate business; A standing reproach to the current way of doing things, and a return to the professionalism you find in professional industries. where the role of an adviser is to give true guidance, not just make a commission.

Our best case scenario is long-term relationships with our clients. Clients that come back to us for every key milestone in their property journey, and the ONLY way to achieve that, is to approach every engagement with a long term mindset.


“Our reputation is that we say what we mean, we mean what we say, and we know what we’re talking about. We’ll never take the short term win, over your long term success.

Our Values


We’re not here to paint pretty pictures, or sell you a dream. We’re here to help guide you through the steps of your property investment journey, and so clear and honest communication is at the heart of everything we do.

Future Focused
At Milestone, our mission is building strong relationships with our clients, that last a lifetime. Our focus is always on whats in the best interests over the long-term, and how we can help you position yourself well for your financial future.

A hark back to the days where Real Estate agents held the same esteem, the same ‘trusted adviser’ status as the lawyers and doctors for expertise in their field, the Milestone team is commited to the highest levels of professionalism. This means we don’t run all over town for business meetings, we’ll always go the extra mile, but we’ll never relax our standards.

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