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If you have a piece of land or development opportunity you wish to sell or amalgamate,
you need a specialised sales team with the ideal set of skills to find the best Developers.
We can help you with the valuation, provide planning advice and marketing,
and assist all the way through to settlement.

How we do what we do

Our focus is on ensuring your investment property earns the highest rental income with the best tenants, all while being simple and stress-free for you. This includes a complete end-to-end Property Management service and everything in between.

An empowered team

Offering you professional service gained from our years of experience, we’ve got all of your leasing and property management needs covered. You can rest assured knowing your investment is in very good hands.

Marketing magic

We utilise highly targeted tech to ensure a property is viewed by the right potential leasing tenant. It’s why we are consistently the number 1 agency on the Northern Beaches for residential leasing property views, online.

Customer experts

And no matter what step of your leasing journey, you’ve always got the reassurance of knowing the most important person in our eyes is you.

Location, Location, Location. 

We live and work in South-East Auckland, and we’ve invested here ourselves.  We’ll help you to understand this area, and how to make it work for you, but we can help you buy and sell anywhere in New Zealand. 


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